Roger Stone to Trump Supporters: “The Steal Is On” – Get to Cleveland to Prevent GOP from Stealing Nomination

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone told Alex Jones today “the steal is on” in the RNC. Stone called on all Trump supporters to descend on Cleveland to prevent the Republican establishment from stealing the nomination from Donald Trump.
Mediaite reported:

Roger Stone spoke to Alex Jones on his show Wednesday, and encouraged Trump supporters to rally at the RNC convention in July to prevent the party from stealing the nomination from Trump.

“The big steal is on,” Stone averred.

Stone, the onetime campaign manager for Donald Trump, continued:

“Go to Cleveland. Come to Cleveland. Don’t let the big steal go forward without massive protest. Peaceful, nonviolent protest. So, as they used to say, don’t wait for orders from headquarters. Ride to the sound of the guns. I don’t mean to imply violence on that. I mean: Ride to where the action will be. We have to let the Republican bosses and the kingmakers and the insiders and the lobbyists know that we’re not going to stand for the big steal. So if you are a Trump supporter, make plans now. Take a bus! Hitchhike! Carpool! Take a train! Fly, if you can afford it. We need you in Cleveland.”

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Dirty Ted Cruz is trying to steal delegates from states Donald Trump won.

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