Yet Another Progressive Thinks Bernie Sanders Is THE NEXT RONALD REAGAN

Bernie Sanders Ronald Reagan

Last month, a writer at the left wing site Salon said Bernie is the next Reagan. This month, a writer at the left wing site Daily Kos is saying the same thing.

Why do progressives always compare their left wing political idols to conservatives?

This is insane:


Is Bernie Sanders the new Ronald Reagan?

I won’t kid you, I detested Ronald Reagan. The smarmy aww-shucks act set my teeth on edge. The twisting of old Winthrop sermons into explosions of jingoistic please-get-these-poor-people-out-of-my-shiny-city nationalism made me despair for my country. There was the constant blowing of the racism dog whistle, the stream of weapons flowing to wherever death squads were squadding, the mythology that lauded hard work while denigrating workers. The $#[email protected]*ing way he said “well” as a space filler and wandered into nonsense while reporters were lauding him as “the great communicator.”

While the moderators were chuckling over “there you go again,” I was shaking my 19″ B&W set in rage. I did not like the man.

Still, I understand why conservatives love him. I understand why, given the chance, we’d be flying into Reagan National Airport in Reagan, D.C., capital of these here Ronnie States of Reagan.

It’s not because Reagan was the purest conservative ever to conflate Ayn Rand and Jesus. It’s because he carried them out of the wilderness in his Bonzo-lovin’ arms and set them on the throne. He didn’t just capture the country’s leadership, he seized it’s imagination. He rewrote the story. Redefined “American.”

What planet are these people living on?

It’s certainly not Earth.

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