University Of Oklahoma Claims Adele Song NORMALIZES SEXUAL HARASSMENT


The kooks at some universities have to turn every little bit of culture into a massive political debate about what it says about society. Now, that kind of insanity is being flung at singer Adele.

Red Alert Politics reports:

Well, the University of Oklahoma’s “Gender+Equality Center,” claims that Hello sends another message. Apparently the line about how “I must have called a thousand times,” is about harassment. Seriously, a poster from the center claims that “even great songs can normalize sexual harassment.”

If the center wanted to get student attention, it likely got it. Just as more likely though is how students may not take well to such a connection, even if the center admits it’s a “great” song.

MRCTV spoke with the Gender+Equality Center which confirmed it was behind the poster, and that it is part of a campaign for Stalking Awareness Month. MRCTV suggests that “perhaps the version of inequality the Gender+Equality Center is challenging is the popular notion that only men can perpetuate sexual harassment.”

That may be wishful thinking, as the center is described as dedicated to “social justice by advocating for the rights of women and LGBTQ students, empowering those without a voice, and challenging inequality.”

While we’re deporting the illegal immigrants, can we deport some of the cultural Marxist lunatics as well?


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