Transgender Locker Room Protest/Counter Protest In Washington

P1250465 copyAs reported last month, the transgender locker room situation in Washington continues to escalate, and two competing protests took place at the capitol building campus on Monday morning. One group, called Keep Locker Rooms Safe, planned to protest the state’s Human Rights Commission over their decision to force all public and private entities to allow anyone to use whichever locker room or bathroom that matches whichever gender they happen to identify as on that particular day. Keep Locker Rooms Safe cites their concerns over predators preying on women and children in locker rooms.

After learning of that protest, a rival LGBTQLMNOP+ group, Organizing Trans Olympia, planned a counter protest, calling the other group “transmisogynists”.

Both sides were about even in numbers, with Keep Locker Rooms Safe on the capitol building steps, and Organizing Trans Olympia assembled across the parking lot. Chants of “Trans women are women too, we need to pee just like you!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, transmisogyny has got to go!” could be heard from the LGBTEIEJKDKJ:ALKJDF crowd, while the Keep Locker Rooms Safe bunch featured state legislators and women who were victims of predators.


Overall, the event was peaceful, with leaders on both sides saying they mean no ill will toward the other.

In the Victim Olympics, where whoever is more “oppressed” is crowned the winner, it seems as though the LGBTMcDBLT crowd has met their match.

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