The Washington Post Dedicates New Section To FEMINISM!

Feminism Wapo pic

The liberal Washington Post has unveiled a new section of news coverage devoted to feminism. Do you think they’ll cover things like the countless sexual assaults being committed in Europe or just bash white men?

Truth Revolt reported:

Meet WaPo’s New Section Dedicated to Feminism

There’s a new section over at and it’s dedicated solely to feminism. Launched in late January, 2016, the column has contributions from both male and female writers.

New Wave Feminism” is described as this:

This project explores how young women are taking a decades-old movement and making it their own. Their expression of feminism is more an embrace of individual freedoms than a shared struggle against oppression, more an online sprawl of dialogues than a political mission led by activists.

So far, the section has explored female superheroes in movies and the ramifications if they were “allowed to be feminine.” Other articles cover “mansplaining” and other “male-dominated” issues. There is even a quiz to determine what kind of feminist, or anti-feminist, readers are.

This is just what the liberal media needs.


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