Progressive Congressman Who Supports Occupy ALSO RUNS A HEDGE FUND

alan grayson

Alan Grayson is a putrid left-wing congressman from Florida who has supported the Occupy Wall Street movement. In his spare time, he also runs a hedge fund.

The New York Times reported:

Alan Grayson’s Double Life: Congressman and Hedge Fund Manager

The hedge fund manager boasted that he had traveled to “every country” in the world, studying overseas stock markets as he fine-tuned an investment strategy to capitalize on global companies’ suffering because of economic or political turmoil.

But the fund manager had an even more distinctive credential to showcase in his marketing material in June 2013: He was a “U.S. congressman,” Representative Alan Grayson, Democrat of Florida, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Now he is also among the leading Democratic candidates for one of Florida’s United States Senate seats.

This highly unusual dual role — a sitting House lawmaker running a hedge fund, which until recently had operations in the Cayman Islands — has led to an investigation of Mr. Grayson by the House Committee on Ethics.

Interviews and the documents show that Mr. Grayson told potential investors in his hedge fund that they should contribute money to the fund to capitalize on the unrest he observed around the world, and to take particular advantage when there was “blood in the streets.”

Operations in the Cayman Islands? Blood running in the streets? Really?

He doesn’t sound like a corrupt hypocrite at all, does he?


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