Professors And #BlackLivesMatter Activists Threaten Conservative Over Campus Speech

The left is completely unhinged as they call everyone else hateful, racist, homophobic bigots. Here’s how they’re reacting at one school to conservative writer Ben Shapiro.

Red Alert Politics reports:

Conservative writer Ben Shapiro is set to give a speech at California State University on Thursday, and liberals are rolling out their progressive red carpet — greeting him with protests and threats of physical violence.

Young America’s Foundation reported that both students and professors are in an uproar over Shapiro’s speech topic “When Diversity Becomes a Problem.”

CSULA Professor Melina Abdullah, a leading activist behind the #AbolishThePolice movement, posted on her Facebook wall that students on campus should protest the conservative writer.

“You’re reading right… ‘When Diversity Becomes a Problem’ has been scheduled for 2/25 at California State University, Los Angeles, a campus that’s 90% students of color, and during #BlackHistoryMonth,” Abdullah wrote. “I say this event is a problem… What are we gonna do y’all?!?!”

The professor also spread a rumor that conservatives were planning on bringing guns to the event, a myth that the event’s host has dispelled.

What happened to free speech?

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