MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Hillary Campaign IS IN MELTDOWN (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell guns south

Here’s something you might have missed in the coverage of the Iowa caucus. MSNBC actually reported some truth for a change. Regarding the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Iowa, Andrea Mitchell said the Clinton campaign is in meltdown mode.

Newsbusters reports:

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: This is the time of the evening, the shank of the evening where we ask, “What have we learned?” So, Andrea, what have we learned?

ANDREA MITCHELL, via satellite from Clinton victory party location: I think we’ve learned that they were in a meltdown as this race got closer and closer, and they started, you know, e-mailing that they were going to win, because they felt that Polk County and Dubuque County, their strongholds, still had not been counted, and this was the first, first hint of anything from them all night saying that they were going to win.

You know things are bad for Hillary when MSNBC says things like this.

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