LIE! NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Planned Parenthood PERFORMS MAMMOGRAMS (VIDEO)

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On Meet The Press yesterday, Chuck Todd interviewed Donald Trump who said as president, he would defund Planned Parenthood. Todd claimed that Planned Parenthood uses tax dollars to perform mammograms. That’s a lie.

News Busters reported:

Chuck Todd Perpetuates Myth Planned Parenthood Performs Mammograms

On today’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd helped perpetuate the myth that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. Interviewing Donald Trump, Todd said “Democrats will say the money they give to Planned Parenthood does not go to abortions. That the money they give to Planned Parenthood only goes to other women’s health issues including mammograms and things like that.”

Let’s make this absolutely clear: Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms. Its own FAQ on the matter makes that clear. Even the Washington Post says “the myth that Planned Parenthood actually offers mammogram X-rays to patients has been long debunked, and needs to stop being repeated . . . When Democratic lawmakers or other supporters assert that Planned Parenthood ‘provides’ mammograms, this is highly misleading.” If Todd was going to echo the Dem’s “highly-misleading” line, he had a duty to inform viewers that it was untrue. He didn’t, and thus misled MTP’s audience.

Watch the video:


Our media is completely leftist and totally corrupt.

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