Iran’s Mullahs Call On Muslims To Elect Anti-US Candidates

us flag iran
Protesters torch the US flag in Iran

Last year, Republicans rolled over while Obama and Democrats sold out Israel and made a deal with the Iranian Devil.

Today it’s clear what America got out of the deal…absolutely nothing.


Now this…
Iran’s Mullahs instructed their revolutionary faithful masses to vote for candidates who hate America in their upcoming “elections”. (All of the candidates are pre-approved by the mullahs)

Iran prayer leaders urge voters to pick anti-US candidates

In Iran’s second city Mashhad, prayer leader Mohammad Bagher Farzaneh urged the faithful to elect members of parliament who have “Death the America” written “on their foreheads”, the ISNA news agency reported.

In the southwestern city of Ahvaz, the prayer leader urged people to vote for “champions of the fight against the United States,” the official IRNA news agency said

Maybe Hillary can build a reset button to undo Obama’s smart diplomacy?

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