Illegal Aliens Demand Better Work Conditions


12661920_1218841684812551_5643809853017949053_nSelf-admitted “undocumented” farm workers gathered in Olympia, WA, to protest work conditions at Driscoll’s fruit farms. With the help of an interpreter, they complained about having to work in varying weather conditions, such as rain, cold, and heat, you know, the things that come along with working in fields. I guess they want Driscoll’s to control the weather for them.

They also said that child labor is being used, with children as young as 12 working at these places. They talked about this being a struggle from border to border, and said now is the time to “internationalize the proletariat struggle”.

The facebook event page for this protest was sponsored by Community to Community Development, Formación Cívica, NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC, and Latino Advocacy.


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