COMEDY: Hillary Spokesman Claims She Doesn’t TAKE CORPORATE DONATIONS (VIDEO)

Clinton surrogate

The ability of leftists to lie with a straight face is astounding. Watch below as a Hillary Clinton spokesman claims she doesn’t take donations from corporations.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Robby Mook Claims Hillary Clinton Does Not Take Money From Corporations

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook said on CNN’s The Lead that Clinton does not take money from corporations.

“Well, it’s interesting that Bernie Sanders says that he doesn’t take money from corporations because actually no federal candidate under law is allowed to take any money whatsoever from corporations,” Mook said. “So he is part of a very big club, in that regard and Hillary Clinton doesn’t take money from corporations either.”

Activist and director Spike Lee released a radio ad in South Carolina coming out and supporting Sanders for president and said that Sanders does not take money from corporations.

In an effort to stay ahead of Sanders, Clinton has begun to adopt a similar socialist message to Sanders. has compiled all of the donors to Clinton and her Super PAC, notable corporations who have donated to Clinton are 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, Morgan Stanley, and Corning Inc.

For the 2016 election cycle, lists Slim Fast Corp, DreamWorks SKG, and Legendary Pictures as some of the corporations that have donated to the Clinton campaign.

Here’s the video:


Hillary Clinton has gotten more cash from Wall Street than all of the presidential candidates combined, including Republicans. Not to mention the millions she made giving corporate speeches.

Her campaign is so shameless.

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