Clueless College Students Can’t Identify Photos of JOE BIDEN OR RONALD REAGAN (VIDEO)

College students biden reagan

How do you even get into college if you can’t identify the current vice president or one of the best presidents in the last fifty years?

The Daily Signal reported:

There They Go Again: College Students Can’t Identify Photo of Ronald Reagan

A video shows “politically challenged” college students are unable to identify former President Ronald Reagan in a photograph.

“Was that a former president?” a student majoring in government and international politics at George Mason University asked when shown the picture of Reagan. “Nixon, maybe?”

Numerous students at George Mason University, located near Washington, D.C., in Fairfax, Va., were unable to identity America’s beloved 40th president in the same classic photo.

One student guessed Bill Clinton.

“I’ve seen that guy before,” another student stalled before giving up.

Texas Tech University’s nonpartisan political organization PoliTech and the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a nonprofit organization that promotes civic education at America’s colleges and universities, conducted the survey. They found that the students weren’t any better at identifying Vice President Joe Biden, but they easily identified Kim Kardashian.

Watch the video:


College students represent a significant portion of Bernie Sanders supporters.

Maybe we should ignore them in this election.


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