Christian Teens In Egypt To Be Imprisoned For Five Years FOR MOCKING ISLAM

ISIS Or Daesh Militants Control Yarmuk Palestinian Camp - Damascus

In Egypt, Sharia Law rules and if you’re not a radical jihadist, you’ll probably end up killed or in prison. Where’s the outrage from the left over this?

Jihad Watch reports:

An Egyptian lawyer says a court in the country’s south has convicted four Coptic teenagers of contempt for Islam after they appeared in a video mocking Muslim prayers.

Three were sentenced to five years in prison each while the fourth was referred to a juvenile facility for being under the age of 18. His sentence was not announced.

Maher Naguib, who represents the teenagers, says they are high school students in the southern province of Minya. They haven’t been detained and didn’t appear in court for the trial.

Naguib says Thursday’s ruling is “unbelievable … the maximum sentence” when they should only have been “punished with a fine.”

In the video, one student is seen kneeling on the ground and enacting the Muslim prayer while others stand behind him, laughing.

And yet Democrats want to bring thousands more Muslims into America.


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