Anti-Gun Lawmaker Once Lobbied To Protect CHILD RAPISTS & Wants VIOLENT CRIMINALS Released Early

Jennifer Williamson, Oregon state Representative.

Jennifer Williamson, Oregon state Representative.

As Jennifer Williamson pushes her anti gun bills in the Oregon state house, it’s important to remember her past.

Filmed in 2013 at Portland State University, just as Williamson was starting her first term as an elected representative, she spoke to students about her biggest issue, which was “reforming” Measure 11. Measure 11 was a ballot initiative passed by Oregon voters in 1994, by about 65%-35%, which established mandatory minimums for person-to-person crimes, including assault and sex abuse. Representative Williamson wants to do away with that and let violent criminals out of prison early and back on the street, where, statistically, they are more likely to become repeat offenders.

She didn’t want to talk about her contradictory public safety stances after she testified in favor of the “indefinite delay” bill for firearms purchases.


From the same presentation at PSU, Rep. Williamson went on to talk about her time as a lobbyist for the Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, where she lobbied AGAINST a bill that would have extended or done away with the statute of limitations on sex crimes against children, HB 3057. She worked hard to protect child rapists, while pocketing who-knows how much money. This was just one year before she decided to run for state Rep.

As if that weren’t enough, she expanded her stances on Measure 11, talking about how hard it is to go into communities and try to convince people that letting violent felons back out onto the streets was a good thing.

In summary, Jennifer Williamson wants early release for criminals who commit assault and rape, while at the same time wants to make it more difficult for non criminals to defend themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, the Oregon Democratic Party!

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