Unauthorized Biography Claims Bernie Sanders Would Make A LOUSY COMMANDER IN CHIEF


A new book about Bernie Sanders suggests his weakness on foreign policy would make him a bad commander in chief.

Perhaps the writer could tell us something we didn’t already know.

FOX News reports:


Biographer: Sanders would make ‘lousy commander in chief’

Political writer Harry Jaffe this week released an unauthorized Bernie Sanders biography in which he highlights the Democratic presidential candidate’s populist appeal but also argues that Sanders’ dislike for foreign policy would make him a “lousy commander in chief.”

Jaffe told InsideSources.com that he started following Sanders’ political career as far back as 1976, as a 20-something newspaper reporter watching him in a Vermont gubernatorial debate.

“Nobody speaks the truth in a vernacular way to middle-class Americans who struggle every day to pay the bills, to the college graduates who have to find work and be self-sufficient and pay their college loans,” Jaffe said of Sanders.

However, Jaffee also writes in “Why Bernie Sanders Matters” that the Vermont senator and independent having to turn his attention to foreign affairs appears “painful” for him.

Anyone who has watched any of the Democrat debates knows that Bernie Sanders is uncomfortable discussing national security issues.

When the talk turns to millionaires and billionaires however, it’s WAR!

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