REPORT: Entire State Of California Is A Massive Sanctuary City For Illegal Immigrants

immigration sactuary cities

California has become known for turning its best and most beautiful cities into ‘sanctuary’ harbors for illegal immigrants to circumvent the law. It turns out, the entire state is not cooperating with federal agencies trying to deport illegals.

Western Free Press reports via the Texas Tribune:

The state of California overwhelmingly refuses to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials when it comes to trying to deport illegal immigrants charged with a crime.

In a new report today by the Texas Tribune, the practice of local officials not handing over deportable illegal immigrants to federal ICE officials is far too common across the country, and specifically California.

Since 2014, more than 18,000 ICE detainers (which are requests by federal immigration officials to local authorities to notify ICE before releasing illegal immigrants so that federal officials can take over custody) have been denied by local law enforcement agencies across the country.

These ‘declined detainers,’ though have largely come out of California, with a total of 11,171, making up 60 percent of the requests that local law enforcement agencies ignored from ICE officials.

The numbers for California, though, are not incredibly alarming, as the state has a reputation of turning its most-visited and populated cities into ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal immigrants.

Are you surprised?


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