Number Of Americans Who Identify As Democrats DROPPED TO RECORD LOW IN 2015

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The Democratic Party might be in bigger trouble than they know in 2016. Politico points to a new poll from Gallup which should worry everyone on the left.

Membership dropped in 2015. Big time…

Gallup: Share of Democrats reaches record low

The share of Americans identifying as Democrats dropped to a record low in 2015, according to the latest Gallup results published Monday, in the latest indication that Americans’ attachment to either political party is at or nearing historical lows.

Overall, 42 percent over the course of the past year identified as independents, a slight drop from the 43 percent who identified as such in 2014. While Democrats maintained a small advantage over Republicans — 29 percent to 26 percent — the Democratic share is at its lowest in Gallup history.

Democrats will quickly point out that the GOP isn’t winning any popularity contests either but Republicans haven’t controlled the White House for the last eight years.


It’s time for a real change.


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