New Gun Control Measure in California Would LIMIT SHOTGUN PURCHASES (VIDEO)

CA gun control

Every time liberals claim they’re not trying to take away people’s guns, they talk about shotguns while insisting they’re not going after hunters and sportsmen. So how do they explain this?

CNS News reports:

Limits on Shotgun Purchases Among Calif. Gun Control Measures

California state lawmakers are kicking off their 2016 legislative session with a push for more gun control.

KTXL-TV reports, a number of gun-related bills have been introduced this week.

“Hopefully all of us can agree there are too many deaths from guns,” said state Sen. Richard Pan of Sacramento.

Tuesday, Pan introduced SB 877, which would require the state to keep track of gun violence data.

The measure is one of several gun control bills introduced this week.

Another bill, aims to limit purchases of a shotgun or rifle to one per month.

Here’s the video:


Democrats would repeal the Second Amendment if they could.

Isn’t that obvious by now?

FLASHBACK: Here’s the Vice President of the United States in 2013 urging people to buy a shotgun because that’s all you really need to protect yourself.


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