Liberal Pundits Coordinate Talking Points To TRASH GOP AS IMMIGRANT BASHERS

The liberal pundits all cozied up in their elite New York apartments must have had a meeting about what language they were all going to use after the GOP debate.

Notice any similarities below?

Weasel Zippers reports:


The Democrats are trying to diminish the diversity of the GOP candidates by saying they’re against immigration. They’re not against immigration, they’re against ILLEGAL immigration.

But listen to how the left, and specifically media types, try to push this talking point on Twitter. Not too much coordination there, right? And this is just a sampling.

tweet1 tweet2 tweet3 tweet4 tweet5 tweet6 tweet7 tweet8

Gosh, liberals can’t even come up with their own unique attacks anymore. They all have to use the same lines.

So pathetic.

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