John Doe Investigation: 159 Conservatives Had Possessions Seized by Government – Told They Could Not Say Anything

john doe investigation

159 Conservatives Had Possessions Seized by Government
–Then were told they could not talk about it

When Wisconsin passed Governor Walker’s Act10, ending forced union membership and state auto deduction of union dues from state employees paychecks, it set off an earthquake.

Act10 effectively destroyed the incestuous Democrat machine, and while the people of Wisconsin are overwhelmingly better off as a result of the changes, the machine went on a terrorizing rampage against the Replicans who drove the daggar.

Publicly, Democrats and Unions spent millions upon millions of dollars in spectaularly failed recall bids.

Privately, Democrats employed another weapon in their machine’s aresnal. Lawfare.

Lawfare, like warfare, requires a general to lead the troops and the charge. In Wisconsin that General is Democrat Attorney General John Chisholm.

Chisholm led his troops to secretly investigate and eventually raid, in the middle of the night, families whose only crime was being politically active against the machine.

The conservative victims were then told by government they could not talk about it.

(Milwaukee County Attorny General John Chisholm.)

This week Democrat John Doe special prosecutor Francis Schmitz announced he had sent out letters to 159 conservatives notifying them their records had been seized by government investigators in a political witch-hunt. reported:

In a court filing Tuesday announcing that he had completed his court-ordered chores, Schmitz informed the Wisconsin Supreme Court that he has sent out 159 “Special Prosecutor” notices to people and organizations whose records were seized by as part of secret investigations commonly referred to as “John Doe I” and “John Doe II.”

The number of court-ordered notices underscores how widespread the abusive investigation was.

“Over the last two days, I’ve spoken to people who just learned that prosecutors are in possession of several years of their email and other records,” said Deborah Jordahl, one of dozens of conservatives targeted or spied on in John Doe II. “They are not high profile people and they are not all directly connected to organizations or activities that formed the basis of the investigation.”

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