Must See TV: Dana Loesch Talks To John Doe Target Eric O’Keefe

Dana and Okeefe

Dana Loesch spoke with one of the main targets of the John Doe investigations in WI, Eric O’Keefe, and National Review writer David French.

David’s piece on the John Doe investigations has sparked a firestorm of outrage over a clear pattern of horrific abuse on the part of a vindictive District Attorney, John Chisholm.

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Eric O’Keefe was one of the John Doe targets, and he was under strict order that he couldn’t discuss the abusive investigation being conducted against him with anyone. Not his attorney. Not his wife. Not his priest.

Eric was the first brave soul to defy the secrecy order and blow the whistle on Chisholm.

An except of Dana’s interview with both French and O’Keefe can be seen below.

ERIC O’KEEFE: Had I honored their secrecy order I couldn’t  have organized our defense, interviewed lots of lawyers and run a strategy effort. So I decided quickly, look, this is supposed to be a free country. I’m going to operate as though it is even if it isn’t today.

This is in America, folks.

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