An ISLAMIC TERRORIST Was In Charge Of Hillary Clinton’s SECURITY During 2011 Libya Trip

hillary clinton islamic terrorist

Washington politicians are really stupid and apparently, so are the people who were planning Hillary Clinton’s foreign trips when she was Secretary of State.

Weasel Zippers reports via the Daily Mail:

A known Islamic terror suspect was placed in charge of Hillary Clinton’s local security detail during a trip by the US Secretary of State to Libya, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The shocking security blunder occurred in October 2011 when Clinton made an unannounced visit to Libya following the toppling of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Ironically the Secretary of State’s trip was shrouded in secrecy due to security concerns.

The trip was intended as a triumphant tour to show Mrs Clinton’s support for the Libyan people and build diplomatic ties at a torrid time. During her visit fierce fighting erupted in Sirte – the last stronghold of the country’s former leader.

If Hillary didn’t know this, how is she qualified to be president?

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