ISIS Executes Woman IN FRONT OF A CROWD For Being An Alleged US Spy


The Islamic State is nothing but a group of radical thugs killing whomever they please, whenever they please with the full support of their followers.

ARA News reports:

Extremists of the Islamic State group (ISIS) executed on Wednesday a woman in Syria’s northeastern city of Raqqa, local sources reported.

Lina Qasem, 35, was an employee in the Postal Corporation of Raqqa before ISIS jihadists took over the city in the summer of 2013.

She was shot dead on Wednesday on charges of leaking security information to the U.S.-led coalition–which has been striking ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq for nearly two years.

“When the militants arrested her last week we couldn’t find out the reasons behind her arrest, but today the Sharia Court issued a statement accusing Lina of cooperation with the coalition against the Caliphate,” a family member of Lina Qasem told ARA News, under the condition of anonymity for security concerns.

“She was shot dead in front of dozens of people at the central square of Raqqa,” the source said. “After the execution, the group refused to hand over her dead body to her family.”

It’s disgusting how liberals continue to defend radical Islam by refusing to even name it.


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