Progressive Rag: “Forget The 2nd Amendment”

2md amend

The 2nd Amendment in the United States Constitution was created for one specific reason. To allow the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government by protecting their right to own, maintain, and train with firearms. This Amendment was so important to the concept of liberty that our Founders included the words “shall not be infringed”. Which means the right of American citizens to own firearms shall be in no way limited or restricted. Period.

While that may have been the true intentions of America’s Founders, the Progressives of today see things differently.

For instance, President Obama sees the 2nd Amendment as just words “on paper” which he feels can be altered or limited based upon his will and desire. But he is not alone.


After the President’s recent Executive Orders limiting the 2nd Amendment, Progressives began coming out of the woodwork in support of limiting American’s right to bear arms. As a matter of fact, a recent article published in the Progressive rag, the Huffington Post, goes so far as to suggest it’s time to forget the 2nd Amendment. It even suggests we should hold those who promote guns and those who manufacture them responsible for all the dead children:

“We must deal with the reality that our society created both the trigger-happy cop and the boy he shot, who apparently thought it was cool to carry around a gun that looked like the real thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming Tamir Rice for his own death. I’m blaming the rest of us for not speaking out or acting to change our violent, gun-saturated society.

We should hold folks responsible for feeding this culture of entitlement, aggression and self-determination.

We must confront the police departments in America that view their black constituents as “the other” rather than as their neighbors.

The designers, manufacturers and marketers who fashion video “games” that glamorize guns and violence hold responsibility for the disintegration of civility and the callouses that have grown on young folks’ souls.

The NRA, its members and its funders should be shamed for creating a political climate where government fails to act even in the face of the slaughter of children. Politicians who pander to the gun lobby even in the face of the slaughter of children should be held accountable and removed from office at the ballot box.

Every arrogant, entitled jerk who walks in public with a firearm is making it more possible that some child will think that’s a cool thing to do – and die in the street.

Every multi-millionaire athlete who carries a handgun into a nightclub, all the rap or hip-hop artists who gratuitously contribute to the celebration of thug culture and every producer and director of film or television who profits from gratuitous violence should be confronted for their complicity.

Every person who profits from the production and sale of weapons, sponsors gun shows or otherwise advances the profitability of the gun culture shares the responsibility for the deaths of children.

And the parents and caregivers who purchase or allow their little boys or girls to purchase “toys” that replicate killing devices should get their minds right.

…I’ve just had enough with guns – all of them – in the hands of police, in the hands of children, in the hands of crazy white men in Oregon. Forget the Second Amendment or the grand jury decisions. Can’t we just put the damn guns down?”

Who wrote this anti-American diatribe you ask?

A Headmaster at a Progressive school in Manhattan of course. Who else?

As you can see the Progressive left isn’t just interested in limiting your 2nd Amendment rights. As far as their concerned, when it comes to dead children, you can just forget the 2nd Amendment all together. Because they claim if it saves just one child’s life, it’s worth the destruction of your liberty.

That is… unless that child is murdered and ripped apart by an abortion doctor. Then they couldn’t. Care. Less.


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