‘Hipster Terrorist’ Faked Life As An America Loving REFUGEE While Fighting For ISIS

hipster terrorist1

Liberals continue to claim that there is nothing wrong with the country’s refugee resettlement program. Except for the fact that some terrorists are posing as hipster young adults to get into the country while conspiring with the Islamic State.

Western Free Press reports:

Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23 years-old, had been living in the Arizona and Sacramento, California areas since arriving in the country in 2012. But, before arriving to the US, he fought for ISIS and then lied to citizenship officials about it.

Though Al-Jayab appears to be a typical American young adult, he was living a double-life as a refugee finding a new life in America and an eager soldier for the Islamic State who was communicating with the terrorist organization through social media.

These are photos taken off of Al-Jayab’s Facebook page which depict his double-life facade:

hipster terrorist2

hipster terrorst3

But please, tell us more about how we need to take in more Muslim refugees.


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