Facebook Silences Defender Of “Refugee” Rape Victims

FAcebook-logoFacebook is removing posts from well known yellow flag anarchist Christopher Cantwell that involve his defense of women who are being raped by the wave of “refugees” in Germany and Sweden. Cantwell also happens to be an admin of the page Gun Rights, which has been unpublished and then republished by facebook.

All of this surrounds supposed violations of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Gun-Rights-Unpublished Gun-Rights-Banned-For-Defending-Rape-VictimsFrom Cantwell’s website:

Today, I got the all too familiar “You must log back into facebook” message I have seen dozens of times before. I was subsequently made aware that a post made to the “Gun Rights” Facebook page, which has over 200,000 Facebook Likes, had been removed for unspecified violations of “community standards”.

I personally was blocked from posting to Facebook for 30 days as a result of the post.

The “Gun Rights” Facebook page was subsequently unpublished by Facebook, but is now back online.

This is a troubling trend that seems to get worse by the day. The Internet had once provided us with a means of breaking from from mainstream media narratives and giving each individual a voice. But, as political correctness and government policy bring pressure to bear on popular online gathering places, that is ceasing to be the case. Expressing political opinions that run contrary to PC narratives or government policy will now get you silence on the most popular platforms, and as internet regulations steadily increase we can expect this to also come at the ISP level.

On New Year’s Eve, months after Sweden’s very accommodating immigration policy got them dubbed “The Rape Capitol of the West“, hundreds of sexual assaults by invaders against European women were reported all across Europe. The rapists reportedly taunted police saying “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me“. Rather than look at the problem, the government fired the Chief of Police in Cologne, Germany.

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