Deputy Secretary of Defense Orders The Pentagon TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE


Early in Obama’s first term, NASA was ordered to do outreach to the Muslim community. Now the Pentagon is being ordered to address climate change.

Adam Kredo reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Pentagon Ordered to Address ‘Climate Change’

A new directive issued by Pentagon leaders mandates that the agency work to “assess and manage risks associated with the impacts of climate change,” according to a copy of the Jan. 14 directive issued by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work.

As the Obama administration focuses on a larger effort to push its climate change agenda, the Pentagon will now “address the impacts of climate change.” This includes engaging in “deliberate preparation, close cooperation, and coordinated planning” to “improve climate preparedness and resilience,” according to the directive.

The partnership will include state governments and the private sector.

Pentagon officials expect that the climate change effort will “help safeguard [the] U.S. economy, infrastructure, environment, and natural resources,” according to the directive.

If Obama had his way, every agency of government would become a tool for social justice.


This is what progressive rule looks like.


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