BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up

Oregon protest leader Ammon Bundy and seven others were arrested Tuesday night. Protester LaVoy Finicum was killed in the confrontation with police and the FBI.

On Wednesday Cliven Bundy, father of Ammon Bundy, told reporters his son told him the FBI murdered militia spokesman LaVoy Finicum with his hands up.

“LaVoy Finicum was murdered. Cold-blooded murder. They shot him with his hands up.”

Now there’s video… The FBI released video of LaVoy Finicum’s shooting. He had his hands up. LaVoy supporters say he was a lefty and was not reaching for his gun.

After examining the video it appears as though the following took place:

:08 seconds – LaVoy Finicum strikes an officer who had jumped out infront of Finicum’s vehicle. Perhpas the officer wanted to force Finicum to swerve, or maybe the officer thought the car he was standing in front of was going to be struck by Finicum’s vehicle.

:12 seconds – LaVoy Finicum exits the vehicle with his hands raised high in the air.

:17 seconds – A 2nd officer approaches Finicum from the direction of the downed officer with his weapon drawn.

The 2nd officer stumbles through the snow as he approaches Finicum and his hands move up and down in a way that suggest his weapon may have discharged either intentionally or unintentionally.

Finicum lowers his hands, perhaps to hold his wound, and is shot by a 3rd officer from the left of the screen.

If these observations are accurate, that’s manslaughter at best, murder at worst.

Where’s the dashcam and bodycam footage?? The DOJ insists every local force should have them. Do they practice what they preach?

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