SoCal Communists Who Support Violent Revolution Begin “Educating” Hispanic Community

SOCAL Commies

The Progressive left is quick to try and label the “right-wing” as terrorists, but are purposely blind when it comes to the violent radicals among their own. The Progressive belief seems to be that if the ends justify the means, as long as no one notices what those means are, then anything goes.

Case in point.

Several years ago I exposed the Youth League of the Southern California Communist Party USA’s (SoCal CPUSA) plan of going on a nationwide “Red School Bus” tour in an effort to educate the public about their beliefs. The catch was one of their beliefs involved the use of violent revolution in order to spread Marxism. While their website has since been scrubbed it can still be found, with their violent belief system still in tact.


The SoCal CPUSA and the CPUSA at large, after having been exposed as violent radicals, have since denounced violence as a viable alternative. But the organizations still openly display images of Che Guevera, who murdered thousands in the name of Communism, and proudly display flags of tyrannical Communist nations such as the U.S.S.R. (seen above) who murdered tens of millions of people in the name of Marxist equality. I believe this is a case of actions speaking louder than words.

Fast forward to 2015 and the SoCal CPUSA is at it again. But instead of touring the country attempting to influence Americans, they have decided to stay closer to home and brainwash the locals.

According to the CPUSA website the SoCal CPUSA is now holding Marxism classes targeted specifically at the California Hispanic population:

“The Southern California district of the CPUSA, has been connecting with various social justice groups for several years, which has made it possible for us to join together and hold several activities in the community.

One such event was a 6-week introductory course on Marxism in Spanish. At each session we had a home cooked meal which facilitated the participant’s attendance by not having to stop and have dinner elsewhere. This allowed us to socialize for half an hour before each session.

The courses included, imperialism, historical materialism, dialectical materialism, methodology, women’s equality and Latin America and the path to socialism.

We chose this order because we believed it was important to discuss the current stage of capitalism that we live under, then begin to take a look at history and connect the question of imperialism. We then chose to present dialectical materialism to demonstrate the scientific element covering the general laws. We proceeded to attempt to put the previous three classes together to discuss a method of looking at our current situation: how to make an analysis of our reality, develop a strategy and tactics.

The SoCal CPUSA also held a Day of The Dead ceremony around Halloween in and effort to reach out to the large Hispanic community. They displayed pictures of prominent dead American Communists, one of which being Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball had denounced her Communist Party affiliation in 1936 and claimed she only joined the party to pacify a crazy, hard-core Socialist grandfather. But that didn’t stop the SoCal CPUSA from exploiting the star’s fame. Pictures of the event can be seen on the SoCAl CPUSA Facebook page.

So rest assured that while your government is busy pointing fingers at those of us on the political right screaming “terrorist!”, that there are violent radical Progressives who are busy educating their neighbors about how evil the United States truly is and developing tactics on how to “fundamentally transform” it…by any means necessary.

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