Serial Sexual Harasser Hired By UNION ACTIVISTS To Protest Sexual Assault

Progressives preach to the world about rape and sexual assault, yet hired someone who was actually accused of sexual harassment.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

The liberal activist ousted from his own firm in the wake of sexual abuse allegations once headed a public pressure campaign against sexual harassment.

Trevor Fitzgibbon was forced to shut down the public relations firm he founded after a group of former female employees went public with allegations of repeated incidences of sexual harassment and abuse. Fitzgibbon Media led a public relations blitz from the Restaurant Opportunities Center-United, a union-funded group that has been active in pushes for dramatic minimum wage hikes. The organization has argued that the minimum wage should be raised because workers who rely on tips are more likely to be subject to flirting and other forms of sexual harassment on the job.

The co-founder of the group, Saru Jayaraman, alleged that 90 percent of all restaurant workers face sexual harassment, telling USA Today that “women who have to live off of tips are subjected to the worst kind of sexual harassment.” Women who had to live off paychecks signed by Fitzgibbon say that they also had to deal with the worst kind of sexual harassment.

Maybe these liberals should practice what they preach. Just an idea.


Image: (PublicHealthWatch)

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