Sandy Hook Settlement Sets Scary Legal Precedent

HT_patch_sandy_hook_school_kb_121214_wmainThe families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims have settled with the estate of Nancy Lanza for $1.5 Million.

CNN Reports:

The 16 plaintiffs will share the $1.5 million, according to the source. Documents finalizing the deal were filed on December 17.

The lawsuits were filed earlier this year, alleging that Nancy Lanza was careless and negligent in leaving a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle unsecured in her home.

The younger Lanza used his mother’s rifle to kill her before he went on the rampage at the school, and then killed himself.

At least eight lawsuits were filed in Connecticut courts since January on behalf of relatives of 16 people killed in the massacre — four adults and 12 children.

The lawsuits claim that Nancy Lanza kept the rapid-fire Bushmaster in her home “unsecured” and that her “carelessness and negligence” contributed to the pain and suffering of the victims.

Besides the surprise that the Lanza estate is apparently worth 7 figures, one has to look at the legal precedent being set here. Someone is being sued due to the actions of someone else. This means that if you leave your car keys laying on a table, and someone grabs them and steals your car, then kills someone in a wreck or runs someone down on purpose, then you could be held liable for their actions.

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