Obama Administration Approved THREE MILLION IMMIGRANT WORKERS In One Year

The unemployment rate is through the roof, especially for young, black Americans, yet the Obama administration is bringing in millions of foreigners to take American jobs.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

At least 3 million foreign nationals were granted work permits, work visas, and green cards in 2013, with most being granted to individuals from Mexico, China, and India, according to the most recent dataissued by the Congressional Research Service.

While the 2014 numbers have not been disclosed, recent statistics provided to Congress reveal that work permits continued to be issued at record numbers, according to congressional sources and statistics provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

This includes about 1 million green cards with work authorization, 1 million employment-based non-immigrant visas for foreign workers, and 1.2 million work-permit authorizations for foreign nationals.

When are we going to stop this madness?


Image: (Free Beacon)

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