New Ad For Russia Today Features Obama And John Kerry As Cranky Old Men (VIDEO)


The Russian news service Russia Today has a new ad that’s as hilarious as it is strange. It’s set in the year 2035 and features elderly versions of Barack Obama and John Kerry meeting as old friends.

Democrats probably won’t like it.

The Hill reports:


Elderly Obama, Kerry featured in bizarre Russian media video

Actors portraying an elderly President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are featured in a bizarre video released Thursday by the Kremlin-funded network RT.

In the video, set in the year 2035 and released to mark the network’s 10th anniversary, the elderly Kerry wobbles up the front steps of a country-style home as a man portraying an elderly Obama waves from a rocking chair.

“So, what’s new?” the man portraying Obama, 74, asks, drawing out his words to mimic the president’s pronunciation.
“Got my new teeth,” the fictional Kerry responds with a pearly smile.

“In the world, John,” the fake Obama interjects.

“Oh, apart from the fact that no one is afraid of us anymore? There’s nothing new, sir,” he responds.

Watch the video:

It’ll be interesting to see how the left and the media (same difference) react to this.


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