Mexican Gov Official: There Is A “Wall of Racism and Xenophobia” In America (VIDEO)

mexican foreign Minister

Since President Obama feels it’s appropriate for him to travel to other nations in order to bad mouth the United States, I guess it’s only logical if foreign officials from other countries follow Obama’s example and come here to insult us to our face.

During a recent visit to the Migration Policy Institute in Washington D.C., Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu gave a speech where she stated that she is working to bring down the “wall of racism and fear, exclusion, and extremism” in America:

We’re betting on the future through innovation working closely to bring down, rather than to build the wall of racism and fear, exclusion, and extremism that has become so dangerously fertile and appealing in many context. But what we truly hunger for and what there is a pressing need for in this area is courageous leadership to face the challenges and accomplish these goals. It is our responsibility to change the narrative of immigration by acknowledging immigrant contributions, working closely across borders, and most importantly by spreading a message of tolerance.”

Video below:

Minister Massieu also pointed out that the desire for border security in America is an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion:

These conditions have unfortunately been met in some places by an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion that wrongly portrays immigrants as security concerns. It is our obligation to stand up to this trend and think of pro-active policy solutions rather than instilling fear and hatred and resorting to (unintelligible) statements. These narratives are simply unsustainable. And these narratives sell among some audiences due to misinformation about the impact of migration.”

Video below:

Considering the Mexican government has invested so much time and energy in helping illegals enter the United States in order to benefit from the influx of American money many send back to their families in Mexico, I would suggest that Mexico has a vested interest in keeping an open border between Mexico and the United States. Because if Americans finally wake up and demand strict border control the Mexican government stands to loose millions if not billions of dollars.

Which is why Minister Massieu isn’t really worried about American “racism” or “xenophobia” but is really worried about losing all those American greenbacks which help keep her almost 3rd world country… afloat.


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