Mass Immigration Has Turned Sweden Into The RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WEST


Thanks to mass immigration from Muslim countries and Romania, Sweden has become a cesspool of gang-rape and violence against women.

The Hayride reports:

Rape is directly linked to mass migration and a flood of illegal immigration, which is why in order to understand the Muslim refugee crisis, two particular countries experiences must be explained.

Take Sweden for example.

Sweden is on the verge of becoming a third-world country because of its deplorable immigration system, where poor illegal and legal immigrants take precedent over the native-born population.

Nearly 40 years ago, Swedish parliament decided to turn the country into a multicultural cesspool, preaching that any form of nationalism is bigoted, homophobic, racist and sexist.

And 40 years later, after flooding the country with Muslim migrants and low-income immigrants from Romania, the country has become the rape capitol of the West, with rape increasing by 1,472 percent. Sweden is now second on a list of the worst rape countries in the world, only second to a small South African country.

Research by the Gatestone Institute shows how the Swedish courts generally favor immigrant or second-generation immigrants who are charged with gang-rape, in many cases acquitting rapists after they claim that the raped woman wanted to have sex with some 6-7 men.

And naturally, the Swedish media is just as terrible as the American media, claiming that the rapists are often times ‘Swedish men,’ even though they are Muslim Somalians who migrated to the country and do not have legal Swedish citizenship yet.

The only opponents willing to point out the link between the enormous increase in rape and the massive influx of Muslim cultured immigrants entering the country was a Swedish Democrat Party politician Michael Hess. However, when he linked the two, he was charged and fined with “hets mot folkgrupp” (denigration of ethnic groups), which is an actual crime in Sweden.

The rest of Europe and the U.S. is following in Sweden’s footsteps.


Where’s the outrage on the left?

Image: (The Hayride)

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