ISIS Fighter With Brain Cancer Plans to Take Out a Few Infidels With Her When She Goes

ISIS fighter Oygul M is planning to take a few infidels with her when she goes.

Oygul reportedly has brain cancer and is plotting a suicide attack in the West.
isis killer woman cancer
The 21-year-old is reportedly plotting a suicide attack. (Daily Express) reported:

An Islamic State terror attack in Europe is being planned by a dying woman intent on disguising herself as a Syrian refugee, security sources have revealed.

Anti-terror police are desperately searching for the 21-year-old, identified only as Oygul M, after fears she will attack Russia after entering the country among the chaotic influx of Middle East migrants flooding Europe.

According to the Daily Express the woman, who has brain cancer, is believed to be based in Georgia with a 29-year-old male terror suspect, known as Bulat A. She could take advantage of Europe’s migrant crisis by entering Russian territory disguised as a Syrian refugee, officers said.

Breitbart London has reported on the ease of travel which Europe’s migrant invasion has afforded would-be Islamic State terrorists.

In September five men were arrested as they attempted to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.

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