Feminist Icon Camille Paglia Says ‘Rape Culture’ IS A RIDICULOUS TERM

Camille Paglia

In case you haven’t heard, the term ‘rape culture’ is the rallying cry of progressive feminists on college campuses.

Professor and author Camille Paglia isn’t buying it.

A writer for Spiked Online recently interviewed her:


Whelan: Speaking of a backward turn, young feminists today are obsessed with the idea of ‘rape culture’. Do you think that, as the idea of rape culture suggests, sexual violence is normalised?

Paglia: ‘Rape culture’ is a ridiculous term – mere gassy propaganda, too rankly bloated to critique. Anyone who sees sex so simplistically has very little sense of world history, anthropology or basic psychology. I feel very sorry for women who have been seduced by this hyper-politicised, victim-centered rhetoric, because in clinging to such superficial, inflammatory phrases, they have renounced their own power and agency.

You can read the whole interview here.

Camille Paglia has spoken out against other progressive gender policies this year.


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