Disgraced Massachusetts Democrat Busted For STASHING ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH

John George Jr

The Democratic Party has enjoyed a majority in Massachusetts for way too long. Bay State voters would be well advised to try something different, for once.

Here’s the latest episode of Democrat corruption in Massachusetts.

Derek Hunter reports at the Daily Caller:


Disgraced Democrat Caught With $1 Million In Cash Hidden In Safety Deposit Boxes

John George — a former Massachusetts state representative who was convicted earlier this year for embezzling money from a taxpayer-subsidized bus company he owned — is in hot water again for not properly reporting $1 million in cash hidden in safety deposit boxes.

The disgraced Democrat was required to disclose his financial assets before being sentenced in July of 2015.

George “only reported about $160,000 in bank accounts and another $28,000 in cash,” according to Boston’s WCVB.

Just this week, however, U.S. Marshals gained access to safety deposit boxes owned by George and discovered more than $1 million cash in banks in Fairhaven and New Bedford.

File this story under: Democrats the media loves to ignore.


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