College Students Prove They Have No Idea How FREE SPEECH WORKS (VIDEO)

Free Speech College

The folks at Reason TV recently visited the campus of Occidental College and asked students if they hated free speech.

The results will make you cringe.

Here’s a description from Reason:


Do College Students Hate Free Speech? Let’s Ask Them.

The faculty council at Occidental College is considering instituting a system for students to report microaggressions perpetrated against them by faculty members or other students…

Most of the students defended free speech in principle, if not always in practice. This is consistent with a recent Pew Research Center survey, which found that although 95 percent of Americans agree that people should be allowed to publicly criticize government policies, support erodes when the question turns to offensive speech. While a majority of millennials still believe that the government should protect speech offensive to minorities, a whopping 40 percent believe the government should restrict such speech.

Watch the video:

This is what left wing domination of academia has given us.


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