CNN Cuts Segment With Conservative Pundit For CRITICIZING THE CLINTONS (VIDEO)

CNN cuts Kurt Schlicter

Conservative author and pundit Kurt Schlichter is not a Donald Trump supporter but when he defended Trump by pointing out the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, CNN host Don Lemon cut him off and ended the segment.

The Daily Wire reported:

VIDEO: CNN Cuts Off Conservative’s Mic When Going After Clintons

CNN’s Don Lemon abruptly ended a segment aimed at criticising Donald Trump when conservative pundit Kurt Schlichter refused to adhere to the network’s informal left-wing script.

Not playing along with the narrative of Trump going beyond acceptable barriers of political conduct and rhetoric, Schlicter kept shifting the discussion towards the sexual impropriety of Bill Clinton with his wife’s support and away from Lemon’s intended targeting of the New York City billionaire…

“So my question to you, without mentioning the Clintons, and Bill Clinton… which has already been litigated and relitigated,” said Lemon, angling to excise the Clintons from any critical examination during the remainder of the discussion.

“We’re not talking about that, because it has nothing to do with what happened. She’s not her husband. Her husband has been impeached over that, that was over a decade ago. The man has been impeached for it. She is not responsible for her husband’s actions, yet you’re bringing it into a campaign and it doesn’t seem fair,” Lemon continued, attempting to realign the segment towards targeting Trump.

“I’d like to bring Hillary Clinton’s actions into it. When she was given the choice between standing with a serial sexual abuser, and with women who were being violated, she chose to stand with her husband,” replied Schlichter, just prior Lemon’s termination of the segment.

Watch the video:


They don’t call CNN the Clinton News Network for nothing.


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