CLASSIC VIDEO: Thomas Sowell Explains The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative

Thomas Sowell Video

Watch below as economist, professor and author Thomas Sowell explains the difference between liberal and conservative.

The interview was conducted by Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes in 2010.

Here’s a partial transcript via Free Republic:


Fred Barnes: Yeah, you were in your early years, you were a a Marxist.

Thomas Sowell: Yes.

Fred Barnes: Uh … What happened? How’d you … uh … get away from that?

Thomas Sowell: Ah … I took a job in the government. I was still a Marxist. But uh, one summer of working in the government was enough to uh in turn … start, start, in turn, start turning me around.

I went through the University of Chicago as a Marxist. After a year of uh … studying under Milton Friedman

Fred Barnes: Really? What happened to you there?

Thomas Sowell: Nothing hastened to me, but that I realized that the government was no where close to being capable of doing what people of the left wanted the government to do. And in fact, we’d be lucky if they didn’t make things worse. For example, I was in the Labor Department, and uh they administered the Minimum Wage Law. Ah to me the question was “did Minimum Wage Laws make poor people better off or worse off?”

Watch the video:

We need more voices like this in higher education.


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