BREAKING: 25 Year Old Muslim Convert From New York Caught Planning New Year’s Eve Machete Attack

25 yo Muslim convert

A 25 year old Muslim convert from New York has been arrested for supporting ISIS and planning a New Year’s Eve attack. The Daily Mail reported:

BREAKING: New York man, 25, arrested for ‘supporting ISIS and planning New Year’s Eve attack on restaurant’

A man has been arrested for allegedly supporting ISIS and planning an attack on New Year’s Eve.

Emanuel Lutchman, 25, a Muslim convert with mental health problems who is a former convict was picked up by authorities after they learned he was preparing a machete attack on diners at a local restaurant or bar in Rochester, New York.

Federal prosecutors claim Lutchman had been in contact with a member of the terrorist organization in Syria who urged him to kill non-Muslims.

He has now been charged with with attempting to provide material support to ISIL, which is publishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

‘New Year’s is here soon. Do operations and kill some kuffar,’ Lutchman’s Syrian contact told him according to court documents.

He began speaking about his support for the terrorist group and his desire to travel overseas and join ISIL in conversations with an unidentified individual in November.

Good thing he was caught.

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