Bill Nye The Lying Guy! “Over 50% Of Americans Care About Climate Change” (VIDEO)

Bill Nye

Bill Nye, the not so science guy, has gone from a beloved childhood icon to a ridiculous caricature who spouts propaganda in an effort to push the fiction that is man-made Climate Change.

But now, thanks to a recently released video, we can add outright liar to Mr. Nye’s list of titles as well.

On Tuesday December 30, 2015 Fusion, a You Tube channel geared towards influencing young people, released a video showcasing Bill Nye and his opinion on the politics of Climate Change. In the video Bill Nye explains that according to the most recent poll more than 50% of Americans in the United States now connects Climate Change with human activity:


The most recent poll says that over 50% of the voting populace in the United States now connects Climate Change with human activity.

This is a new thing everybody. This is a turning point. This could be the tipping point where now if somebody wants to get elected president, he or she is going to have to address Climate Change in a rational way consistent with scientific observation.”

The problem is, as the screen shot below from the video demonstrates, the “most recent poll” Mr. Nye refers to was from a Gallup poll done in March of 2014! Holy calendar Batman! That’s over a year ago!!!


A much more recent poll, taken in November of 2015, says that 97% of Americans don’t even care about Climate Change. Which makes Mr. Nye either a big, fat, liar or worse. An ill-informed moron with the memory retention of a newt because he obviously fails to understand what any two year old would. That a poll taken over a year ago is in no way, in anyone’s book, considered even close to being “the most recent”.

Well, I’ve had enough of poking fun at Mr. Nye. Now I’m going to go out and take my family for a ride in the country in the most recent Ford sedan…the Model T.

The Bill Nye video is below:

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