New Zealand Conservationist: “Population Growth Is The Cause Of Climate Change”

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Even though the radical theory known as the Population Bomb, which foretold how world overpopulation would destroy mankind in the early 70’s, has been proven to be untrue, its fear mongering principles are still alive and well today. But instead of an irrational fear based solely upon mankind’s destruction due to overpopulation, it has now morphed into an irrational fear based on how world overpopulation is causing Climate Change which in turn will lead to the destruction of mankind.

Scoop reports that Tony Orman, a well known New Zealand Conservationist, hunter, and author is claiming that the recent United Nation’s Paris Climate Conference was a complete waste of time since it failed to address the real cause of Climate Change, growth in the world’s population:

“The human population growth factor in global warming is being ignored says a Marlborough conservationist Tony Orman, also an author and immediate past chairman of the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ (CORANZ).

His comment was made following the just concluded United Nations global-warming talks in Paris.

The world’s most senior politicians have debated ways to combat accelerated climate change. But it’s voluntary and besides it’s a sticking plaster approach – treat symptoms but ignore the cause. There’s one very important undebated factor – people” he said.

…People drove cars which belched emissions, coal fired power stations belched and jet planes farted “gases and particles — which contribute to climate change.” Humans demand resources, flush toilets, use chemical insecticides and pesticides and throw away garbage.

“Humans or more particularly numbers of people, are the primary cause of environmental degradation and global warming. The more people, the more demand for resources. More people require more meat and milk – more cows. More people means more cars which means more emissions. Gimmee more, more and more”.”

Mr. Orman goes on to tout the now debunked theory of the “Population Bomb” as a credible source for his concerns and then laments that the government of New Zealand has failed to come up with any kind of “population control” policy.


On a totally unrelated note, in 2008 President Obama appointed John Holdren to be his Senior Adviser on Science and Technology. Director Holdren was a known supporter of Paul Ehrlich, the author of the 1968 book titled, The Population Bomb.

It seems Mr. Orman may not be the only one who believes that controlling the population is the way to combat Climate Change. The Obama administration may very well share the same view. At least, one of the President’s closest advisers does.

Fortunately Mr. Orman doesn’t have a bone to pick with the United States since the Obama administration already has a “population control” policy in place. It’s known as… Planned Parenthood.

Image: Mirror.UK

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