WHAT BIAS? The Media Ignored More Than 30 Lies From Obama’s Bio In 2008


After Dr. Ben Carson was attacked by the media, he prompted the question: Is this the same way Obama was treated in 2008?

As it turns out, Obama got a much lighter vetting from the press which conveniently ignored many of his lies.

Breitbart reports:


For just a moment, forget about how the DC Media allowed President Obama to PrettySpeech his way out of a 20 year relationship with a racist, anti-Semitic preacher. For just a moment, forget about how the DC Media ignored the bombshell that Obama lied about his relationship with a terrorist. As we watch the racially-motivated DC Media liethrough omission and commission about “inaccuracies” in Ben Carson’s bio,  let us never forget that during the 2008 election, this same DC Media covered up more than 30 inaccuracies in Obama’s biographies.

First off, I need to stop to ensure I give every bit of credit for this piece to Young Conservatives, a site that put this incredible list together over the weekend. Nothing below would have been possible without their fine work. Please check it out.

Prior to Obama winning the 2008 presidential election, no less than The New York Times found a lie in Obama’s biography. During a Memorial Day campaign appearance, Obama claimed an uncle of his had liberated Auschwitz during WWII. When he was called on it, Obama lied again and said it was Buchenwald. The truth was that it was Ohrdruf, a sub-camp of Buchenwald…

What biographical inaccuracies of Obama’s did the DC Media choose not to disclose to us prior to 2008? Here is just a handful, again courtesy of Young Conservatives. These claims have either been proven false or cannot be verified — and that revelation came only after Obama was sworn into office:

  • Obama lied the historic civil rights march in Selma, Alabama as the inspiration for his conception.
  • A story of British Obama’s grandfather facing British brutality.
  • Obama’s claim that his heroic step-grandfather died fighting the Dutch.
  • Obama outright lied about his own mother’s health insurance problems.
  • Obama’s composite girlfriend.
  • A tale of his mother being abandoned by his father in 1963.

What media bias?

Image: (Libertarian Christians)

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