WILD VIDEO=> Houston TV Segment on Race EXPLODES Into Name-Calling, Personal Attacks

A FOX 26 television debate on race blew up up last night into name-calling and personal attacks.

Black Panther Quanell X and former inner city teacher Angela Box sat down to discuss the viral video of a white police officer removing a disruptive black girl from a South Carolina classroom.

The discussion quickly escalated into a free-for- all.
Here’s a portion of the exchange:


Box: I think it’s high time we start adressing the root causes of all this. The disrespect of teachers, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to address the culture.

Quanell X: Lets deal with the culture of these crazy, frenetic, white boys who go in schools with guns and shoot everybody! Columbine, killing the kids at the elementary school, the shootings in other cities across America have ALL been crazy little WHITE BOYS shooting up innocent people! So let’s study that culture!

It gets even worse from there.
Check out the entire exchange here:

Apparently Quanell X has chosen to close his eyes to the rate of black on black shootings that occur on a daily basis compared to the isolated incidents with “Crazy white boys” he cited.

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