The Old Saying, “You Get to Work So Democrats Can Sit Home and Collect Money” Is More True Today Than Ever

“Give the people goodies, they’ll vote you back in office every time.”
Philosopher Unknown

working america

Under Barack Obama’s failed economics the Middle Class has suffered immeasurably.

Even Vice President Joe Biden admitted this year that the Middle Class is “in its worse shape since the 1920s” and “is currently being killed.”

It should come as no surprise that working Americans overwhelmingly vote Republican. Today Republicans hold a 3-1 advantage in working class districts over Democrats. Working class whites are fleeing the Democrat-Socialist party in droves.

Then there’s this…
Poor Americans receiving freebies are the Democratic base.

free stuff

36 of the 39 poorest districts in America are Democrat districts.  ( Data does not include the US territories of Guam, Samoa, Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico which are also represented by Democrats)

US poorest districts democrats

Democrats rely on poor voters to keep them in power. They could not care less about the working class. If we had an effective opposition party in America they would point this out. Too bad we don’t.

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