Shameful. CNBC Cranks Didn’t Ask One Question on Persecuted Middle Class and Failed Record of Obamanomics

Under Barack Obama the Middle Class in America has been under constant assault.

poor kids

The Obama record– More pain, More poverty, More suffering.
** More Children Live in Poverty Today Than During 2008 Recession
** Obamanomics in Action: Worst Labor Force Participation Rate Since 1977
** Obamanomics in Action… More Young Adults Live at Home Than in 2009
** Obamanomics in Action… More Young Adults Live at Home Than in 2009
** Obamanomics in Action: One in Five US Families Not Working
** Obamanomics in Action: Real Hourly Income Down 10% Under Obama
** Obamanomics in Action: 11.4 Million Americans Have Left Workforce Since Obama Took Office
** OBAMANOMICS IN ACTION: Typical US Household Worth One-Third Less Than Under Bush
** Obamanomics in Action… One-Fifth of Middle Class Falls into Poverty
** 1 in 2 working Americans make less than $30,000 a year.

=> It’s no surprise that 2 out of 3 Middle Class, working class districts in America vote Republican.

Of course, it is also clear the Republican Party has failed completely to counteract the assault on working Americans. It’s hard to believe Republicans can’t articulate a counter offer to this Socialism. It’s almost as if they are in bed with the Democrats in Washington DC? It’s weird?

Last night the CNBC cranks did not ask one question on the failed record of Obamanomics.

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