Progressive Gossip Site Gawker Mocks Fred Thompson in Announcement of His Death

Fred Thompson

News broke last night that Republican politician and actor Fred Thompson passed away at the age of 73. The liberal gossip site Gawker used the occasion to bash Thompson. Such classy people.

This is the tweet they sent out:

Gawker has a reputation for being mean and hateful. So much so, that the site’s owner Nick Denton said in a July interview that they would try to be nicer.


From The Wrap:

Nick Denton to Staffers: New Gawker Will Be ’20 Percent Nicer’

Gawker founder Nick Denton told staffers that the site will be “20 percent nicer” when it relaunches Monday. At a Brooklyn bar meeting Thursday, Denton told staff the site needed to soften some its takedown reputation slightly, first suggesting the 20 percent number, which he later downgraded to “10 to 15 percent” nicer than the old one, according to Capital New York.

It doesn’t look like that plan worked out.


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